AJAX Programming

Ajax is neither a programming language nor a new technology. Ajax is a new way to use existing technologies like JavaScript, XML and a server side language (php,asp,jsp etc).

Creating Ajax application is more of an art than a programming skill. Anyone who is a programmer can learn to program using Ajax very easily but the true art is to decide when, where and how to use it. No school can teach this when, where and how. It comes through experience and vision and we have both of them.

AJAX ProgrammingWe are expert at using Ajax in your web application for the best user experience with optimal efficiency. We have developed a number of Ajax applications in recent past and the core of all those applications is they give the expected results.

So what is AJAX in simple term ?
Ajax is skill of exchanging data with server and update the areas on the web page without reloading the page.

The biggest drawback of using Ajax is that the data exchanged through Ajax is not readable by search engines and several advertise engines.

We keep the right balance between synchronous and asynchronous Ajax calls to minimize the delays and maximize the user interaction. We take care of the small little things which are generally overlooked. We create custom loader for Ajax application to match with the theme of your website.

We have created our own Ajax library for optimized performance. We work with other composite libraries like jQuery as efficiently as our library. All modern website designs go in tandem with AJAX. Contact us to get the best AJAX user experience on your website.