CSS3 programming

CSS3 as HTML5 has issues of browser support. CSS3 is there to improve the efficiency of the pages by reducing code and reducing the images required to be used on the web page.

CSS2 is the heart of Web 2.0 design so will be CSS3. CSS3 has added a few attributes and improved upon CSS2 standard as well. However, Because CSS3 standards are not support by internet explorer 8 and below it is still not recommended.

We as a design team take proud to create a number of 100% CSS based website. The biggest advantage of 100% CSS based website is you keep your code separate from most part of the design and you can change the design and looks from CSS only. It also gives a pixel precision to the site design.

CSS reduces the code in the HTML page and CSS files can be compressed for faster loading websites in browsers. All our css and HTML pages are w3c standard validated and supports all major browsers according the w3c standard.

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