DHTML programming

Dynamic HTML, or DHTML, is an umbrella term for a collection of technologies used together to create interactive and animated web sites[1] by using a combination of a static markup language (such as HTML), a client-side scripting language (such as JavaScript), a presentation definition language (such as CSS), and the Document Object Model. (Source : Wikipedia)

Animation is the smartest widget to be used on your website but if not used wisely it can harm your website more than anything. There are two major tools available for web animations DHTML and Flash and not to clarify DHTML is the preferred one.

As the definition of DHTML suggests with the use of JavaScript, HTML and CSS you can animate image(s) and text without requiring any add-ons on your browser (e.g flash). Not only that you can do wonder combining Ajax with HTML (our portfolio page itself is an example of the same).

We not only possess the skill to implement DHTML but a vision as well to suggest you when, how and where should you use animation and DHTML. Please contact us for your DHTML Programming requirements.