HTML5 Programming

Designers have been using HTML4 for a while now and it is very steady with no major update. It is time for the new HTML5 to take over. Yes, it is new and while supported on most browsers still some browsers or at least some popular versions of browsers do not support it.

These are early days for HTML5; however, it is the future. It may not have a lots of added features compared to HTML4, but it surely has a few which are very useful.

It is really a dilemma for those who are looking to get their new website designed or current website redesigned. And they are right too. Unlike other new technologies for which you look for whether it is proven or not whereas it is not the case with HTML5. It is proven before it is launched. The only question is when shall all the browsers start supporting it?

The answer is as difficult as the hen-egg one. However, developers and designers started loving HTML5 just as we do. It added just as many features as we were looking for in HTML. It is too technical to describe these features but following are the reasons why you should go for HTML5.

  • It reduces the amount of code to be written thus reduces the file size and so the load time.
  • It has a few additional tags to make the HTML code look more organized and clean.
  • It has a few additional tags to avoid some server side and client side programming to make the web application more efficient.
  • It is easier for your designer and developer to work with it.

So with all these benefits you still have to wait for complete browser support. You can do that. But what if you don’t want to wait and go for it? We have a solution. Go with us for XHTML/HTML4 website we code it in a way that it will be easy to upgrade the code to HTML5 at any point of time. We can do that as well for you as the time comes at a very nominal cost.

By the way, Also refer to the XTHML programming section of our website.

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